Method #1 


Bitcoin , Ethereum , Ripple etc..

Step 1

Log in to Trader room Link>> LOGIN NOW

Step 2

Select Manage Funds

Step 3

Select coinpayments. Enter the amount you want to make a deposit into the "Amount in USD" box. 
Item Description box, enter your MT5 account number that you wish to use for the deposit.

Step 4

4.1 Select A Coin section, choose type of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Ethereum or Ripple) you wish to use and that is available in your current wallet.
How to buy and get a crypto currency? Option one // Option two // Option three

4.2 Fill in your details, the details must be correct to make sure you receive the coinpayments email. Fail to do so may affect with your deposit process.

4.3 Once you had complete fill in the details, click on complete checkout

Step 5

Send your cryptocurrency to the address given by coinpayments. Example below is using Bitcoin.

You may use any kind of crypto (Bitcoin/Ethereum/Ripple) wallet to send the crypto to the address. Make sure to send enough to cover any coin transaction fees!) You will need to initiate the payment using your software or online wallet and copy/paste the address and payment amount into it. Coinpayments will email you when all funds have been received. If you send funds that don't confirm by the timeout or don't send enough coins you will receive an automatic email to claim your funds within 8 hours. If you don't receive the email contact coinpayments.

Address in the image above is for an example only. Please take note coinpayments is using hot wallet. Each deposit request will be given different address. The address can only be use for one deposit request.

Step 6

Once you had send enough amount of cryptocurrency to the given address, you will receive an email from coinpayments that says "all funds have been received".

Step 7

Go to >> Manage Fund
>> 1. Change to Manual (refer image)
>> 2. Upload the coinpayments email (change the email to image). Please make sure the upload is 100% complete or wait for few minutes to make sure the image is fully loaded. 
>> 3. Enter your email and your deposited amount.
>> 4. Click Submit.
>> 5. Wait for wallet deposit response email from Iam-Trader.

Please take note *Enter the correct deposit amount any attempt of fraud may cause your deposit to be cancel.

Method #2
Visa / Mastercard

Debit card and Credit card accepted.
Please make sure your Visa and MasterCard is activated for overseas payment and online payment.
In any case the payment is failed, please refer your bank or your card provider to activate the overseas payment and online payment.

Step 1


1. Select Auto

2. Enter your deposit amount 

3. Enter your MT5 Account Number

4. Click Submit

Step 2

1. Insert your details and make sure your details is correct.

2. Insert your MasterCard or Visa details

Step 3

1. Enter your phone number 

2. Enter your email (the email must be registered at Iam-Trader)

Make sure the details are correct.

3. Click Proceed

Step 4

1.Enter your MasterCard or Visa details 

2. Click Pay.

3. The deposit amount will be reflected on your Wallet.


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