Earn up to 240%  Annual Bonus with Iam-Trader

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What is Annual Bonus

Annual Bonus is a complex, highly intelligent system that uses the power of 3 servers to maintain its accurate and reliable operation. Each of the servers additionally has a system that ensures its uninterrupted work. In case one of the servers fails, the other 2 will take over its work, providing a non-stop stable operation of the system for as much time as needed. This trading system constantly monitors more than 25 currency pairs online, analyzing them from the point of view of many different strategies and algorithms built into the system. Having found the most profitable and reliable strategy for a specific Market situation, the Annual Bonus system starts trading. Such an approach is absolutely unique and provides impressive results in terms of the profit/risk ratio. Team of traders and coders with more than 10 years of Forex experience. Over 15 verified live accounts managed by different trading systems

Steps to start



Register as Iam-Trader client.

Open Account

Open an annual bonus account


Deposit with a minimum $500 into the account.


Start receive bonus 15th and 30th of the month.

Assets Management

Straight Through Processing

Deposited amount will be manage by expert fund manager through STP account.


Profit from the assets such as crypto, forex, stock trading and physical assets, will be distribute to the annual income Clients in each month. Performance fee for the company will be 40% from the profit


The fund and profit is held in segregated accounts at regulated banks

How it works

You can start earning annual bonus by simply opening an Iam-Trader Broker trading account and depositing funds. The account balance accrues annual bonus at a rate up to 240%

*No withdrawal limitations
*Protected funds
*No undisclosed fees
*24/7 customer service
*Bonus is paid on a monthly basis
*Personal account manager

Your money is protected

Rest assured that when you deposit funds into an Iam-Trader Broker account, it’s safeguarded in a range of ways:

Your money is held in segregated accounts at regulated banks
We don’t use your money for our own business activity
Your money is ring-fenced from our creditors

Fix Annual Bonus FAQs

This promotion gives new client a chance to receive a safe income monthly up to 20% until 12 month which total will be 240%. The deposited fund cannot be use for trading activity.

Annual bonus does not have any limit client can apply as much as they could.

Once you had made the deposit, the fix annual bonus will be credited into your account in every 30 day. 

The annual bonus can be used by the client in trading operations without any restrictions. You can use hedging or scalping techniques, any trading method is allowed with Iam-Trader.

Yes you can renew your fix annual bonus after 12 month period (12 month start from your deposit time)

Yes, you can apply another bonus at the same time which by using the specific type of account

Yes, once your client/friend/referral had applied the annual income, you will receive up to 20% in each month  until his/her fix annual bonus has ended.

Yes, if your account had suffer margin call or any kind of loses during the 12 month period, you will keep receiving the annual bonus

If you forgot your username, please contact us for assistance. If you forgot your password, please go to Trader’s Room to reset your password.

Terms and Conditions
Once the client application for the program has been approved, the Client are bound to this Terms and Conditions

  • Apply
    Submit your application to Iam-Trader support channel support@iam-trader.com to apply for Annual Income. 
  • Deposit
    Minimum deposit amount requires to apply annual Income is $500. Maximum Fund for annual income $100,000.
  • Fund condition
    Fund cannot be use for personal trading. The account will be link into our main trading system in which will be controlled by our fund management. The profit received can use for personal trading and can be withdraw.Client are able to request for Fund withdrawal before the it reach 12 month period, how ever certain fees and penalty will be charge
  • Monthly Bonus                                
    The Client will receive the bonus by monthly until 12 month. Date of the bonus distribution shall be during 15th and 30th of the month. 
  • Account Condition
    The annual income can only be applied at Standard account STP only. 

Start Earning


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